Between 1977 and 1982, Liverpool established themselves as Europe’s most dominant
force. The club won the European Cup three times during this period, in 1977, 1978,
and 1981, beating Borusssia Moengladback, FC Bruges and Real Madrid respectively.
Back home in England the club was also growing in stature, winning League titles in
1976/77, 1978/79, 1979/80 and 1981/82.

After winning the league and UEFA cup in 1976, Liverpool switched from their
round-collared shirts, to a v-neck design made by Umbro for the start of the 1976/77
season. The new v-neck design was intended to be more comfortable for the players, as
it was far less restrictive than the tighter round collared version. This shirt was worn
between1977 and 1982, and saw the reds return victorious from three European Cup

Phil Neal wore this particular shirt during the 1977/78 season. It has long sleeves,
beautifully embroidered Liverbird and Umbro logos, and a stitched number 2 on the
rear of the shirt. Neal is one of the games most decorated players, and still holds the
record for an incredible four European Cup wins (77,78,81 and 84). Neal was Bob
Paisley’s first managerial signing, and went on to play 650 games for LFC, scoring 59
times. Between the 23rd of October 1976 to 24th of September 1983, Neal played 417
consecutive games for the club, a record that still stands today. Worn multiple times
throughout 1978, it is with great pleasure that I can display such an important part of a
former captain's legacy.

(above) Phil in action for the reds.

(below) Phil wearing this shirt after celebrating another League title.

BEWARE!: Despite the common misunderstanding, long sleeve versions of this shirt
were released as both player issue AND standard club shop replicas. Many replicas
from this season also contained embroidered badges, or a combination of one
embroidered badge and one embossed badge, so please do not be fooled by ebay
sellers claiming there shirt is match worn simply because of long sleeves and
embroidered badges.

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