After winning the European Cup for two consecutive seasons, Liverpool were unable to
retain their crown as Nottingham Forest went on to win the Cup in both 1979 and 1980.

Like the home shirt, the away jersey was identical to the one used in the two previous
seasons, with the Hitachi logo simply attached in a felt like material to the front of the
shirt. The Hitachi logo was initially deep red in colour, however it is fairly common to
see logos that appear ‘pink’ or even fully faded, on genuine match worn shirts.

This shirt was worn by Alan Kennedy, an attacking full-back who signed for Liverpool
FC in 1978, in one of his 359 appearances for the club. For those who can recall the
1981 European Cup Final, Kennedy will always be remembered for his blistering cross-
shot that fizzed past the Real Madrid keeper to bring the European cup to Anfield for
the 3rd time in 5 seasons.

Here is Alan in 1979.

Out of the three Hitachi shirts (red, white and yellow), it is the white away jersey that is
the most desirable in my eyes. A red Hitachi shirt may come up for sale a couple of
times a year (usually in the ‘small’ Hitachi size), whilst the yellow version was only ever
worn by the reserve team and never used by the first team in a competitive game. A
genuine shirt will have an embroidered Umbro logo and Liverbird badge, in addition to
a neck label that contains WORDED sizings. The rarity of this item is confirmed by the
fact that I am yet to see a genuine white away Hitachi shirt ever appear on eBay.

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1979-1981 AWAY SHIRT
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