1982-1985 AWAY SHIRT

After conquering Europe in 1981, Liverpool focussed on dominating English football for
the next 3 years. This proved to be a lucky shirt for the club, who won the First Division
title three times back-to-back between 1981/82 and 1983/84, and also won the League
(Milk) Cup every year as well.

This pinstripe shirt was used as an alternative third kit in 1981/82, and then after the
white 1977-82 away shirt was made redundant at the end of that season, this shirt
became the official away jersey for the 1982/83 and 1983/84 seasons.

Ian Rush wore this shirt in 1983.

(above) Ian Rush, probably wishing for the only time in his career that he was playing for the mancs.

BEWARE!: Sadly Umbro decided on creating standard replica shirts to sell to the public
that were almost identical to the match issued shirts worn by the players. It is very
common to still see gold replica shirts on eBay that have both long sleeves and fully
embroidered badges. Please donít be fooled by sellers claiming that their replica shirt
is actually match worn simply because it has embroidered badges.


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