With things going from strength to strength on the field, Liverpool focussed on
improving matters off it by securing a new and lucrative (for the time anyway)
sponsorship contract. Crown Paints opted to sponsor Liverpool at the start of the
1982/83, and it remained in situ for the next 6 years, seeing Liverpool win every major
trophy in the process.

The new home shirt was a dramatic shift in style from the traditional v-neck shirt used in
the previous 5 years. Out went the plain and simple designs, and in came a radical new
look (for the time anyway), consisting of gold pinstripes, multi-coloured collars, and a
lightweight shiny polyester material. The Crown Paints logo was initially quite small,
however once TV regulations became more flexible, the logo increased in size the
following season. The above shirt contains the so-called 'small' logo.

Former captain Ronnie Whelan wore this shirt in 1983. Whelan had been at the club for
4 years by then, having signed in 1979, and would stay with the reds until 1994. He
played in an astounding 493 games, and managed to find the net on no less than 73
occasions. Whelan was a firm fixture on the left wing in his early days, and switched
into central midfield towards the end of his career.

(above) Mark Lawrenson wearing the so-called 'small font' home shirt.

BEWARE: Once again do not be fooled by those sellers who claim that they are selling a
match worn shirt because the badges are embroidered. Many replicas sold in the shops
back in 1982 had both embroidered Umbro Logos and embroidered Liverbirds.  A
genuine player shirt should have embroidered badges, but also WORDED sizings on the
neck label.

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