1988-1989 HOME SHIRT


The 1988/89 season had its ups and downs. After winning the Charity Shield at the start
of the season, Liverpool added the FA Cup to their trophy cabinet, but failed to retain
their League title. Ian Rush returned to Liverpool after only one season abroad,
claiming Italy, and I quote, "Was like playing in a foreign country". Liverpool now had
the most fearsome moustached attack in the land, featuring Aldridge and Rush side by
side, who looked like the line-up from a cheap 1970s porn movie.

After six successful years, Crown Paints were no longer the sponsor of Liverpool
Football Club, and an Italian electronic firm called Candy was now firmly attached to the
front of the club jersey. The shirt itself was exactly the same as the previous year, but
the new Candy logo simply replaced Crown Paints logo. Once again, because this shirt
was only used for one season, it is considered much rarer than the 1985/87 home shirt
and the 1989/91 home shirt from the same era.

This shirt was worn by Steve Nicol in EVERY game of the 1988/89 season. What makes
this item even more impressive is that Nicol was the Football writers' Footballer of the
year that season, after filling no less than six different positions during the campaign.
His versatility was further enhanced when he appeared at the top of the goalscoring
charts in 1988/89, after scoring 7 goals in his first 7 games. Nicol played nearly 500
games for the club, and after scoring 46 goals, departed the club a hero after 13
glorious seasons.

This shirt was worn famously in the 1989 FA Cup Final victory over Everton.

Genuine match worn shirts from this year feature an embroidered Adidas badge (with
two registered trademarks) and an embroidered Liverbird. There was only one type
of sponsorship logo; a single-lined version as shown above. Once again, no long sleeve
replicas were ever released by Adidas.


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