1989-1991 AWAY SHIRT

In the mid-1990s Manchester United opted to use the colour grey for away matches

in the Premier League. After losing a game at Southampton, United

claimed that the grey shirts were the reason for the loss, and it was not the fault

of the players. On an unrelated topic, Liverpool wore an almost identical

grey shirt in 1990, winning an unrivalled 18th League title.



The new away shirt continued the preference of Adidas to use grey as the

club’s primary alternative colour. The design of this shirt was identical to the

home design, with the traditional red simply being replaced by a light grey.

This was the final round neck collared shirt to be made by Adidas

before Reebok took over as shirt manufacturer.



This shirt was worn by Ronnie Whelan.



Genuine match worn shirts from this year feature an embroidered Adidas

badge (with two registered ® trademarks) and an embroidered Liverpool

badge. Once again, no long sleeve replicas were ever released by Adidas, so if

you see a genuine long sleeve shirt, then you can rest-assured that it is a match

 issued jersey. In 1989/90 the players wore shirts with plain cotton numbers

stitched into the rear of the shirt. In the 1990/91 season,

a velveteen number with Adidas logo was utilised.

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