After the disappointing sixth place finish in 1991/92, Liverpool needed to make a
number of big signings fast if they were to keep pace with the league leaders. Phil
Charnock, Paul Stewart, and Torben Piechnick were three of the players who made
their debuts this season. Liverpool fell even further behind in the title race.

The green shirt mirrored the home shirt, simply substituting the solid bright red for a
deep bottle green. Many supporters incorrectly believe that Liverpool changed their
colour to green so that Carlsberg could display their corporate colour, but seeing as
this colour came into existence one year earlier when Candy were still the sponsors, it
seems highly unlikely.

This shirt was issued for the European Cup Winners Cup.

BEWARE: This shirt should be worth a considerable amount of money, as it is now 16
years old, and the players only used it for one season. Sadly however, at the end of the
season, HUNDREDS of player issue shirts were sold through the club store as replicas.
Every week on eBay there are at least 4 or 5 shirts that are sold as ‘match issue’, but
these are simply the replicas sold in shops. Despite the belief that NO long sleeve shirts
were ever sold to the public, a Liverpool supporter could easily buy a LONG SLEEVE
shirt, with EMBROIDERED badges for just £19.99 at the clubstore. Please be very wary
of any unknown eBay seller who offers you such a shirt.


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