If 18 points behind the League winners was bad enough in 1991/92, what followed in
1992/93 was even worse. Liverpool finished a staggering TWENTY FIVE points behind
the eventual winners. With hindsight this failure is now even harder felt than it was at
the time, as the winners, Manchester United, would later dominate the English game for
years to come off the back of this victory.

After Hitachi, Crown Paints and Candy, Carlsberg took over as the clubs new sponsor
in 1992. The general look of the shirt remained the same (solid red with three white
shoulder stripes), but the composition and materials changed considerably. The
significant change was the switch from a dull red to a very shiny red. Unlike the 1991/92
home shirt, the white stripes on the 1992/93 home shirt were not part of the shirt, but
stitched on from a separate fabric. To commemorative the centenary year of Liverpool
Football Club (1892-1992), Liverpool also changed the club badge.

This shirt was worn by the Jamaican-born, but English International, John Barnes.
Barnes was without doubt one of the best players that has ever worn the red of
Liverpool, and indeed, even the white of England. He was player of the year in 1987/88
and 1989/90, and scored over 100 goals in a career that stretched to over 400 games.
His best seasons came between 1987 and 1991, as he netted 77 of his 108 goals. It is
one of the games greatest tragedies that Barnes never had the chance to play in
Europe’s top competition due to the ban placed on English clubs following the Heysel
disaster. Kenny Dalglish perhaps summed him up after his debut in 1987: "Barnes did
what we expected him to do. He made a goal, scored one, and entertained. You
remember that."


BEWARE: This shirt should be worth a considerable amount of money, as it is now 16
years old, and the players only used it for one season. Sadly however, at the end of the
season, HUNDREDS of player issue shirts were sold through the club store as replicas.
Every week on eBay there are at least 4 or 5 shirts that are sold as ‘match issue’, but
these are simply the replicas sold in shops. Despite the belief that NO long sleeve shirts
were ever sold to the public, a Liverpool supporter could easily buy a LONG SLEEVE
shirt, with EMBROIDERED badges for just £19.99 at the clubstore. Please be very wary
of any unknown eBay seller who offers you such a shirt.


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