Since the arrival of Bill Shankly in 1959, every permanent Liverpool manager enjoyed a
percentage win ratio that exceeded 50% as a minimum... except one. Graeme Souness
only managed to win 41% of the games he was in charge for. Far less than greats such
as Dalglish (61%) and Paisley ((57%), but also considerably less than modern day
managers such as Evans (51%) and Benitez (c56%).

Adidas broke with traditions in 1993/94 when it released an away shirt with more than
two colours. The new away shirt had a white body, green sleeves, and black 3 stripe
‘ribs’. Despite being a far cry from the simple shirts of the 80s, and covered in the
Adidas brand, this shirt is one of my favourite Liverpool shirts of all time.

This shirt was worn by Rob Jones in 1993/94. The exact season is known because the
Carlsberg logo is 'small' (8.5 inches compared to 11 inches used in 1994/95). There is
also a COA direct from Liverpool Football Club on headed notepaper and signed by the
PR department. Rob Jones was undoubtedly one of the most exciting full-backs that has
ever played for Liverpool Football Club. He had tremendous speed and the relevant
technique to deliver pinpoint crosses. Jones suffered terrible injury setbacks
throughout his career, before he had to finally call it a day at 27, an age where he
should have been hitting his peak. The greatest tragedy of all is that Gary Neville will
now go on to claim 100 caps for England, a record he doesn’t deserve, and would never
have got even close to had Jones but fully fit.

If you pay close attention to the picture below you can clearly 
see how much better Rob Jones is than Gary Neville.

  There were two variations of the away player shirt. In 1993/94 the ‘Carlsberg’ logo
across the chest was 8.5inces wide (the same size as a replica), but in 1994/95 this was
increased to 11inches to maximise the exposure of the brewery following the arrival of
Sky TV. There were never any replicas made with the larger 11inch (27cm) logos in this
style. Genuine player shirts also have embroidered chest badges and Adidas logos. On
replica shirts these emblems were rubber embossed. There were further differences in
the neck label; replica shirts were numbered ‘2640’, whilst player shirts featured the
Adidas player code ‘133’.  One final point to note is that no long sleeve replicas were
ever produced. As the away shirt was only used in a handful of games, a ‘large’
Carlsberg away shirt is a relatively rare shirt by modern day standards.


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1993-1995 AWAY SHIRT