Many Liverpool fans criticised Graeme Souness’ spell as a manager, claiming that there
was absolutely nothing the fiery Scot was good at. This however is very unfair. Graeme
Souness was incredibly good at taking a great club and absolutely destroying it. If the
disappointing League One finishes in 1991/92 and 92/93 seemed bad, they were nothing
with the abysmal finish in the 1993/94 season. Liverpool came 8th, arguably the first
time the club could ever have been classified as 'mid-table' in the last two decades, and
ended up THIRTY TWO points behind Manchester United. After Souness departed the
club in in 1994, a triumph in the 1995 Coca-Cola Cup (League Cup) the season after
created a small injection of pleasure, but it only temporarily healed the embarrassment
that most Liverpool fans were feeling as the club yet again failed to challenge in

A new kit was produced at the start of the 1993/95 season, which again saw Adidas
dive head-first into the realms of self-promotion. Opting for three shoulder stripes in
1991 and 1992, the marketing department managed to double their exposure by
creating two sets of their logo, which were now located at the bottom of the shirts.  
There was also a new club badge that was starting to get more crowded by the day as
additional legendary images were included.

This shirt was worn by the 'new Kenny Dalglish', Nigel Clough. Clough signed for
Liverpool at the start of the 1993/94 season for c£2.3m – a considerable sum for the
time. He made an incredible debut, scoring twice on the opening day verses Sheffield
Wednesday, and was the key man in turning a 0-3 loss into a 3-3 draw when the reds
played Manchester United. What followed afterwards was probably the fastest decline
ever witnessed for a player. After only two seasons he was offloaded and quickly
slipped down the leagues in the years that followed. By the time he should have been
hitting his peak, Clough was playing non-league football. Despite his short stay, Clough’
s incredible brace of two goals verses Manchester United will always be remembered

Here is Nigel Clough in 1993.

There were two variations of the home player shirt. In 1993/94 the ‘Carlsberg’ logo
across the chest was 8.5inces wide (the same size as a replica), but in 1994/95 this was
increased to 11inches to maximise the exposure of the brewery following the arrival of
Sky TV. There were never any replicas made with the larger 11inch (27cm) logos in this
style. Genuine player shirts also have embroidered chest badges and Adidas logos. On
replica shirts these emblems were rubber embossed. There were further differences in
the neck label; replica shirts were numbered ‘2640’, whilst player shirts featured the
Adidas player code ‘133’.  One final point to note is that no long sleeve replicas were
ever produced.


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1993-1995 HOME SHIRT