Houllier’s transfer targets took an even greater turn for the worse in the 2002 off-
season. The three biggest flops came in the form of El-Hadji Diouf, Bruno Cheyrou and
Salif Diao. You have to admire Houllier’s charitable nature towards the African clubs of
Senegal, but when you consider the only other players to make the step up to the first
team were Jon Ostemobor, John Welsh and Neil Mellor, it is not great surprise that this
was the beginning of the end for Mr. Houllier.

Reebok, never ones to shy away from controversial kits, created the clubs first ever
black shirt in 2002/03. The shirt completely divided supporter’s opinions, with fans
either loving, or loathing the new design. To confirm my stance, considering all the
away shirts from the last two decades, this is probably my favourite. The shirt was
finished off with tiny flashes of red, grey and white. The first time this jersey was worn
in a competitive game saw Liverpool go down as 1-0 losers to Arsenal in the Community
Shield. I also have Sami Hyypia’s match issued shirt from this game.

This shirt was worn by Ritchie Partridge.

Liverpool wore this shirt in both Europe competitions and the Premier League so
there are two variations of the player shirt. The European shirt has a Carlsberg logo the
same size as the replicas shirts, but those shirts issued for use in the Premier League
possessed a much larger Carlsberg logo, roughly 27.5cm wide. The Carlsberg logo on
a player shirt was also made of a much thicker plastic on the players’ jerseys in
addition to ‘thick border’ to the letters as well. Player shirts also did NOT have a
‘hydromove’ logo located at the bottom left of the shirt.


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2002-2004 BLACK SHIRT